Movin On Up - Album Version (Edited) Songtext - 50 Cent

Movin On Up - Album Version (Edited) - 50 Cent

[Produced by Jake One]

(The realest thing you could do is put a drumbeat with nothing but a drum beat)
Niggas, niggas copied my style, Russ
That's why I had to switch up on 'em
Know what I mean?
Mad niggas sounding like me

[Verse 1]
I run the show now, I got the blow now
You wanna hold now? You can come cop
I'm on the low now, I got the four pound
In case a motherfucker gotta get shot
The only time is coming, slow down
See they know now, I won't hesitate to make shit hot
D's will shut your block down, after you're shot down
We gonna come through and set up shop
You niggas gone work for me now, you gone see now
How I change shit, re-arrange shit
See for you, dawg, this is new shit
I'm from Southside, nigga we do this
They say I'm grimey, it's hard to find me
When the sun lighten up the sky
Niggas wanna line me, try and kill me
Go ahead nigga, I dare you to try, fuck that nigga

We moving on up
Yeah, we gettin' that dough for sure, we moving on up
You'll get chromed up
Cash is flow for sure, the dough, nigga you know what?

[Verse 2]
I'm 'bout my bread now, I'll cut your head now
You know you eating niggas, you should be dead now
I hold a Glock down, I gotta drop now
Nigga I'm eating, you know I ain't gone stop now
One more trip, one more flip
I move a truckload, nigga, not one brick
They make me so sick, fucking sick to my stomach
You niggas talk shit, but they know that I want it
My clique's so sick, niggas know how we on it
Light up more shit, the car there when we on it
I spit a gem star. get your name carved into neck
Have my little homies run up on your ass with the Tec
Yeah, I stunt in the Vette, got stash in the Vette
I get head in the whip, I get ass on the jet
I'm oh so fresh, so motherfucking clean
24 inch gleam, when I pull up on the scene


Been smoking that dip, the PCP got them thinking they can walk on water
That ecstasy will have a nigga rock hard trying to fuck your daughter
The LSD will have niggas running round trying to kill you for us
Smoking that piff, sipping that yak, talking that shit, loading that strap


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