Robbery Songtext - 50 Cent

Robbery - 50 Cent

This very necessary, very legendary... 50
If I'm not ya favorite, I wanna know why

Niggas be stuntin, frontin, with the chrome on the cadillac
End up hog tied, mouth gagged, get hit upside the head with the gat
Nigga where the stash at, cash at? the grams and the bricks of raw
I done told ya one time, but for the last time
Don't make me put ya brains on the floor

This is a stick up bitch, get the fuck on the floor
Buck search the bedroom, Banks hold down the door
P, What we got?

10 g's, you gotta be more
these nigga sell weight, dun they gotta have raw

Bitch, one more time, you move on the floor,
and Ima hit ya and send ya ass off to the lord

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