Fergivicious Songtext - A$AP Ferg

Fergivicious - A$AP Ferg

[Intro]Yeah, a lot of you people look at me like
"Who the fuck this nigga think he is?"Lord Ferg the Second, the FergensteinAll the trap lordians stand up, yeah
[Verse 1]Hi! I'm FergiviciousTo a bunch of bitches man, I'm FergieliciousRiding with a bunch of little trap villainsTurn it up, leave yo ass on the ceilingFuck your opinion nigga, I be killingHippy white bitch on the penicillingGetting all the bad bitches I be feelingThink a nigga trapping? Yeah, I'm drug dealingHit her with the crack pipe get her liftedTake a little sip-sip of my drip-dripFuck a litle trill bitch 'til my dick limpI love the way you lick-lick on my dick tipRiding in the Bentley, you in a CivicFuck your main broad 'til she on my friend's dick4-5-6, yeah, my niggas trippingShout out to the max and my niggas crippingA$AP Q, yeah, my nigga crippingMarty Baller macking, yeah, he Blood dripping5 point star for a thug nigga'bout 2 keys for the snow sniffingWhite gold teeth cause a nigga don't sleepNightmares of being broke cause I'm seeing no cheese
Bitch coming at me cause I'm dropping no fees
She can get up on a nigga for about a couple G's
[Hook]All I know is pain
Surviving on my own
[Verse 2]Hey, Joyde! Hi, twin!Thinking 'bout my goddamn father againWhy he couldn't see a nigga in Medusa lensWhy he couldn't see a nigga cop his first benz
Why he couldn't see a nigga pop his first bandOnly bitches love me tryna get up in my pantsRiding in a limo with a bunch of fake friends
Who be only around me cause I make endsI feel the pain for my bro cause his dad died
My daddy gone too my nigga, that's lifeBut them niggas did it up in they past livesMo

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