Over The Edge Songtext - Akon

Over The Edge - Akon

I am here at the crossroad
I got my life as heading I don't know.
Should I stay or should I go
Because everything is better then I been trough
What I would get to get inside my mind for fun
Letting me know that everything should be OK
I wish someone can pull me out of the mud
When anyone out there say to me

I feel, For you
Don't worry 'cause I've got you
Don't trip
Don't stress
My life seems to be headed
Over the edge
Over the edge
Over the edge
Over the edge

Now everyday that goes by,
I see things that makes another man cry
I'm sitting wondering why
I can't find that someone to fit in my life
I was searching, But damn it was worth it
And did she every think I was good enough for her
Despite my suffering I come to loving, That she was
There when I needed her the most.
And that is the sound I received from above letting me,
Know that everything is going to be OK
And that she was that someone that pull me out of the mud
Ad also the one who said to me

[Chorus: x3]

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