Precious [feat. Ranking Joe] Songtext - Alborosie

Precious [feat. Ranking Joe] - Alborosie

The way she whine she mek mi bawl, Lord a mercy
Pretty gal inna flick flops she peeps it with a pepsi
She feel relax touching me 'locks dan she go a chatty
She tell har sexy friends she really feel di natty natty
A Puppa Albo Schengen dun bring back di rub a dub style
Go 'pon di Myspace and check out my profile
But woulda love fi go inna your space for a while
So add mi as a friend and me a versatile

Precious, precious, she's whining on me (Lord a mercy)
Precious rub a dub mi girl til da morning (morning)
Precious, precious, she's wining on me (Lord a mercy)
Precious rub a dub mi girl til da morning (morning)

Mona Lisa please don't wake me up this night is a dream
It's the greatest movie eva neva go 'pon big screen
Slow motion 'pon you lips, 'pon you hips, 'pon you cheeks
Like wanna dem all movie weh di work same outta seed
Look di sound promote so a new deh just start
All di amazing memories dem just fallin' apart
The magic of the last night, yes its fadin' away
Lord a mercy - there's no really much to say


Stone Love buss a Dennis Brown jingle
Bassline boom, di speaka dem a tremble
All di sexy gal dem dancin inna batty ride a chance
Wine and bruk out while the men dem
Trinidad and Cuban, Dominican, Jamaican girls
Asian, South American, Bermudian girls
Grenadian and Bahamian and St. Lucian girls
Caribbean girls


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