Carpe Noctem Songtext - Altered Aeon

Carpe Noctem - Altered Aeon

A different world comes into existence
As the blanket of night silently falls
It makes way for a new form of presence
The merging of realities enthralls
A dreamlike sequence experienced
Lost in the enigma of being
This is where all thought is altered
A new aspect of seeing

With the focus positioned correctly
(A magnificent change does occur)
Life seems to invade ever so gently
Every corner of universe stirred

It is writing through hands unsuspecting
Possessing the very soul of this mind
Carpe noctem, seize the night
In the silence all is heard
In the darkness all is seen
In the dreaming all is felt

The spirit of the unseen is coming
A dynamo waiting obscured

With night`s arrival it`s soaring
Embracing the change just occurred

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