Overture Songtext - Andrew Lloyd Webber

Overture - Andrew Lloyd Webber

This trophy from our saviours, from our saviours from the enslaving force of Rome!

With feasting and dancing and song, tonight in celebration,
We greet the victorious throng, returned to bring salvation!

The trumpets of Carthage resound! Hear, Romans, now and tremble!
Hark to our step on the ground!

Hear the drums, Hannibal comes!

Sad to return to find the land we love, threatened once more by Roma's far-reaching grasp

No no no no!
Senor if you please! Rome
Me say Rome
Roma? Rome, Rome is very hard
Well once again from "Sad to return" (very very hard)
Please (Rome) senor

Sad to return to find the land we love, threatened once more by Rome's far-reaching grasp

Tomorrow we shall brighten the chimes of Rome, til I rejoice your army has come home

Bid welcome to Hannibal's guests, the elephants of Carthage!
As guides on our conquering quests, Dido sends Hannibal's friends!

Once more to the ? arms ?
Once more to the sweetness of charms
My heart ?

The trumpeting elephants sound, hear, Romans, now and tremble!
Hark to their step on the ground, hear the drums! Hannibal comes!

Thanks ? all again
Thank you very much
You were very good this man is near marvelous thank you
This way gentlemen this way
Rehearsals, as you see, are under way, for a new production of
Chalumeau's 'Hannibal'.
Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen please, ladies and g'
Madam Giry? Thank you
May I have your attention please
As you may know for some weeks there have been rumours of my
Imminent retirement.
I can now tell you that these were all true,
And it is now my pleasure to introduce you to you the two gentlemen who now own the Opera Populaire,
M. Richard Firmin and M. Gilles Andre.

Gentlemen, Signora Carlitta Guidicelli,
Our leading soprano for 19 seasons now.
Of course of course I've experienced all your greatest roles in your
Damn Signor Ubaldo Piangi.
An honor, Signor.
If I remember rightly Alyssa has a rather fine aria
In act III of Hannibal I wonder Alyssa as a personal favor
If you would oblige us with a private rendition
And of course if monsieur Reyer objects
Now if my manager commands
Monsieur Reyer, ? commands
Will two bars will quite sufficient
Two bars will be sufficient

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