Red Lights Songtext - Aruna

Red Lights - Aruna

Amber got lost
Forgot what she came here for
She fell out of line
Now she's not herself anymore
Amber let go
She gave up on everything she had
And traded her wings for things
To keep her from feeling desperate and sad

Amber, what's your story?
Did your daddy do you wrong?
Were they cruel at school
Cuz they knew you were different
And you didn't belong
Amber, where are you running?
You got nowhere left to turn
Cuz it‚s all downhill 'til you wake up
Or you crash and burn

Amber turned cold
And tuned out the noise inside
She found her own way to cope with being unsatisfied
She didn't like to see
She hated the view
So she turned down the lights
She read her last rites
And dug herself a hole to sink into

Amber, why are you broken?
Was it something your momma said?
Did you fall in love with a boy
With a bad heart who messed with your head?
Amber, how many red lights will you ignore before you learn
That it‚s all downhill 'til you wake up
Or you crash and burn

You could‚ve been the brightest star in the sky
A work of art, you were so young and smart and alive
You could‚ve redesigned the lines that shaped your fate
But now its just too late

Amber got lost
Forgot where she wanted to go
Forgot who she came with
And the places and names she used to know
She thought she could fly
But she‚d crash to the ground everytime she‚d try
Cuz the sky doesn‚t care if you‚re happy or heavy
Or high when you‚re barely getting by

Amber, why are you wasted?
Why do you waste your time?
Is there nothing or no one worth living for or standing behind?
Amber, where‚s this ending?
You‚re just stuck in the mess you‚ve earned
And it‚s all downhill 'til you wake up or you crash and burn

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