Sidewinder Songtext - Avenged Sevenfold

Sidewinder - Avenged Sevenfold

I slide through the wasteland that's my world
My hunger takes your life, preyed on to keep me alive, yeah
Mercy's all that you need, mercy's empty in me

Can't you feel the poison rising out of the morning and clear through the night
You can feel my strength destroy you straight to the heart from the venomous bite

That's right I shed my skin tonight but my fangs are hard to hide
And you know that you're going to die, yeah
Mercy's all that you need, mercy's empty to me

I can't regret, can't escape decisions made for me, no control
That burns and never dies, wrapped around I'll bury my fangs inside

Making my way through the night you're still in my sight
You're runnin' away buy ya know you can't hide
My instincts are cold blooded hate; to you I'm the bearer of fate
Wrong place and now the wrong time, now terror is all that you'll find

Stay inside tonight, you're out there all alone
Vanish from my sites, venomous control
You can't make it right, my appetite has grown
Lost your final fight, no love will be shown

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