Vendetta Songtext - AZ

Vendetta - AZ

(feat. Fresh, Ralo)

(Intro: AZ)
Yea, it's overdue right here
Ya'll know what it is..

(Verse 1: AZ)
The dead is gone, the world welcomes new borns
A thousand-bookies is sworn in uniform
No application for - snitches, niggaz, but you can join
Just get your coins, and start droppin' dime
Superiority, I can stop time
And I am the minority, so who can knock mines?
Purposely placed here on purpose to shine
Home, purchased on furnace, my concerns is to grind
Get some M's, then gettin' to win
And transfer all U.S. currency for yen
A few friends, few next to kin
Yes it's true, I flew through in that Flurizan Benz
Show room shoppin', coppin' rims, I'm top-ten
Niggaz gon' respect my pen
Survived in two droughts, two seperate games
So I shout, "Who'll slouch, get outta my lane"
My homey's homey did ten in chain
So we set-up in Tony's rome, and I picked out his brain
I explained it's bigger game then just street nigga fame
Them same thoughts I fought like Sugar Shane
Reachin' the next chapter after of life after I mastered
Fuck it Fresh, address these little bastards

(Verse 2: Fresh)
Uh, yea, yea
I'm reachin' for the Range doors on the truck
The European stitched strong in the guts
My nigga M3's doors liftin' up
Uh, Fresh sick wit dough, got Danbury pictures goin' off the dust
And the Cranberry Six growin' off the guts
Light pink heavy wit strong of the cuts
Actin' like steady bitch, knowin' you a slut
And after we get finished ma knowin' you won't cut
And you know I'm in the truck, and deep dishin' it
Fire's are Six, the kid keep kickin' shit
Pies of the brick, the kid keep flippin' shit
I insist the stag' and seen different shit
Bubble face your par' wit see fish in it
Bubble great, ponair's wit clean kinesh shit
In Duffle bag by Guc'
The white double-stitch, on the hall, that's Emilio Puc'
Flow Rivers in the booth and I'm speakin' the truth
So listen up, young niggaz cuz I'm speakin' for fuse
Uh, yea

(Outro: Ralo)
The bigger it is nigga, the harder it falls
Niggaz scared of LL, nigga give us the ball...

Listen to this man
I want ya'll to listen real close and real careful man
There ain't seldom is niggaz born wit all the five senses
The five senses are now, listen to this and listen to this shit close
Cuz this is when a nigga is a last level nigga
First of all, you had to been born wit automatic understanding of the game
You had to have been wit automatic understanding of the game from birth
Then you gotta be unadulterated R-rated
You gotta know how to spit that dialogue in some form of fashion
Whether it's just talking or it's rapping
Then you gotta be law of the nourishing
Once you getting motion, then you get focused
You get hot, that you cannot be motherfucking stopped
Then on top of that you gotta have lyrical sense on a massive level
Some niggaz got it on minus, some niggaz got it on maiden
Some niggaz got it on the massive, Massive is the last level
Then on top of that it gotta be written in your script
The script... the script... the script...

Yo real niggaz you can't break
And real nigga you can't make 'em man
We've been big niggaz all of our life man
Answered to nobody man, and wake and go wherever they take us man

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