John Doe (feat. Priscilla) Songtext - B.o.B

John Doe (feat. Priscilla) - B.o.B

[Intro: Priscilla Renea]
Seems like your heart stops working

The minute they close the curtain
And take off your mask

And take off your costume

And if anyone asks you're taking a smoke break

Drinking some coffee

But everyone knows what you're doing
Seems like the bus moves slower

Just cause you got somewhere to go

So you take a few pills in Beverly Hills

But if anyone asks you've got a prescription

You got an addiction

Who do you think that you're fooling?

[Hook: Priscilla Renea]
John Doe, I just want the John I know

Once you put the drinks on hold

Maybe you could come back home
John Doe, ooh oh oh oooh

Oooh oh oh ohooh oooh

Oooh oh oh ohooh oooh

[Verse 1: B.o.B]
Errybody's addicted to something
Errybody's got to grip onto something
Even if it's just to feel the response of appeal
Maybe once, maybe twice

Maybe hundreds of times, hundreds of times
Without it, it's just harder to function at times
You race to the bottom of every single bottle

As if there was someone or something to find
You're struggling in your mind

And you tell yourself lie after lie
'Til you get to the point where it's no longer private

People that you work with noticed the signs

When you walk in the room

It gets noticeably quiet
So you break up the silence, you say you've been at the gym

But the way that you look, you can't blame on the diet
So what you hiding?


[Verse 2: B.o.B]
Yeah, I've probably had too many things
Smashed too many freaks
Had too much to dro...(I mean)

Had too much to drink
Left the club, ended up in custody
Random drug test, passed it luckily
My girl broke up with me cause she walked in suddenly

With a woman up under me
I told her "Wait!

It ain't what it look like!

I must've slip and fell, clumsy me!"
Well, at least I admit it, cause the worst you could do

Is to do it and not be man enough to say that you did it

That's just how you prevent it, well I ain't no different

I love all the money, the fame

And the parties with beautiful women
I'd spent so much time as an underground artist
Cause I was afraid to succumb to the business
And what I'd become
But that what you'd judge I become
The path with the greatest resistance
That's how the tables can turn, when they pivot

And change your perspective and flip your entire position
My whole life I've been dying to wish and to live and experience

Everything possible

When I told them my dreams, they just said they ain't logical

Now, I can see it - it's optical


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