Shatter Songtext - B-Real

Shatter - B-Real

It don't matter what you smoke, we smoke better
Our joints are much fatter, Girl Scout Lemon shatter
We takin' dabs like it don't matter
I get you high up off that Jet Fuel, Paris shatter
I got a shop in Denver, Colorado and Nevada
Full of Girl Scout Lemon shatter
I got a shop around in Santa Ana, Orange County
Full of Jet Fuel, Paris shatter

[Verse 1: Berner]
I hit licks when I was younger, had a looker and a runner
Love November, run December
These 2 thousand dollar stunnas
On my phone, no talkin' numbers
You know people want this white
Ghost right behind me, I feel haunted, I feel haunted
Girls Scout Lemon shatter, that's your bitch? I have to have her
Spend a weekend in Nevada, striper shoes on my floor
My white bitch, she call her Hannah Barlata
Only one in Las Vegas, smokin' weed in my cabana
Used to get 6 grand for a pound in Atlanta
Roll the Raw with Tropicana, pour them up, with a fanta
Now I'm coolin' in the trap, thinkin' bout' my bitch in Tampa
You can smell the Girl Scout Cookies right through the wrapper
I'm not a rapper, I'm a motherfucking king pin
I got Blue Dreams for the law, if ya needin'
Real smokers, real factors, in this weed shit
You ain't high as me, nah
You ain't high as B is


[Verse 2: B-Real]
You should never call the Doctor and you need that medication
Make appointments with my nurses they will serve up any patients
I can see you hesitate, we be blazin' the amazing
Endos and sativas, we ain't fuckin' with no hazes
Only in the Dam, up in the Green House
But if ya come to Cali, yeah we clean house
One hundred lights, and one thousand watts
Bitches dancing under my lights, see you wet the top
They call me Greenthumb, these ladies pay me baby
Let me twist your fate, make you wanna hit that vape
Only wanna hit that grape, he don't know about grape
She takes all of that weight, we get all of that cake
We keep Mary moving, she such a pretty bitch
She be on point, makes the Doctor pretty rich
What kind of strain you want? What type of dab you need?
Still pushin' kush, the Doctor's favourite kind of weed


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