The General Specific Songtext - Band of Horses

The General Specific - Band of Horses

If the trials at hand are really getting you down
We had a close call
I didn't even see it, then another one
I hardly believed it at all

What the writers say, it means shit to me now
Plants and animals
We're on a bender when it's 80 degrees
The end of December, what's going on?

Only for you and me

With a showing of hands, who's going back to the south?
We're hungry, next that I know
Been running a blender in a lightning storm
Disguised as a blessing, I'm sure

Knowing ahead, there comes a fork in the road
Pants have got to go
We're on an island on the fourth of July
Looks like the tide is going home

In time I'd find
A little way to your heart
Down to the general store for nothing specific
Gonna wash my bones in the Atlantic shore

Only for you and me

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