The Book Of You Songtext - Belle & Sebastian

The Book Of You - Belle & Sebastian

[Verse: Sarah Martin]

Everybody's making plans for tomorrow

The sun could turn to sand but I just

Ought to take you back in time

I'll draw the line

And I would write a different story

A new final act

I don't need the drama but I would never write you out

Everyone's a thread, we're woven together

Pleated into tears and fraying edges

Read the book of you

The book of me

We're fading into memory

But something is left

A gesture, a phrase, or a photograph

To open with


We're always walking in the rain

And you're just trouble, so I claim

But then the world can see

That I'm the one for you

And you're the one for me

Father tell, if you could change with the weather

Faith would just evaporate

Untethered in a fresh disguise

I'll catch your eye

And see behind the mask and find you

Never with fault

But that's not the last time I've thought about

The way we are




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