The Power Of Three Songtext - Belle & Sebastian

The Power Of Three - Belle & Sebastian

Some people say two is company
Sherlock Holmes found the sign of four

I don't listen to that number theory

I'm always looking for a trio, them and me
One for all and we're all for one

Musketeers have got to have the power of three

Every time I read a horoscope, I read three

Virgo Pisces Aquarius

I just want to know what's down the road for us
Say you'll be Holmes and I'm Watson

Every hero, yes even me

Everybody has their Moriarty

Keep your friends close

Your enemies at your side

Always keep your green eyes open wide

Depth perception, a change of direction

And all signs point to a bumpy ride

Then I saw the fourth dimension, another line

We move in space, and we can move in time

Everything existed right from the start

It's the blink of an eye

It's the beat of a heart

We've got enemies and nemeses

There's a world of possibility

In everything you leave a clue

A little trace, a sign of you

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