Hip Hop Star Songtext - Beyoncé

Hip Hop Star - Beyoncé

[Verse 1: Big Boi]
Slowly as Sir Luscious step up like a Q-Dawg
A-town's up, deuces down it's the new call
And you can dial 1-888-cut-something
I'm your kinky operator when you wanna f--- something
Ain't no dial tones just milestones, of pleasure to reach
To each his own, I'm a stone cold Aquarian freak
Humanitarian, barbarian but under the sheets
It's the player from the point
And your girl from the D

[Verse 2: Beyonce]
Are you infatuated with me?
I could end your curiosity?
If you don't think I'm too rude
Here's your chance to make your move
I sit and wait for nobody
People say that my style is so crazy
I think you like it baby
Do you want to get nasty?
I dare you to undress me

[Hook: Beyonce']
Baby, let me know if you wanna roll
With a hip hop star
Bamboos on, pants down low
I'm a rock star
Baby let me know if you wanna ride with a
Hip hop star
I'm a rock star

[Verse 3: Beyonce']
Do I blow you away?
Do I stimulate your mind?
Would you taste my love if I give you time?
I have none to waste with you
I guess you can say
My style is so crazy
I think you like it baby
Do you want to get nasty?
I dare you to undress me


Undress me undress me
You can come
Come baby, undress me

[Verse 4: Big Boi]
Take off that tank top and pull off them drawers
The girls all pause, got them drippin down they sugar walls
Aw naw! getting to the nappy root
Knocking boots in stilettos, damn I keep it ghetto!
A cool type of fellow, mellow got the gold medal
Never settle for less my rose petal
Tooey, tooey, tooey, tooey! spit game!
Venom to get it up in 'em, let me "p" pop that thang
First check her brain to see if she's sane
Deranged or strange or crazy as hell
You never can tell these days
Everybody got a little Rick James in they veins man!

[Break: Sleepy Brown]
The way I feel
Oh girl I know its bout to be
Me all over you
And damn girl you all over me


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