I Love My Squad Songtext - Bobby Shmurda

I Love My Squad - Bobby Shmurda

I love my squad, i love my squad, i love my squad

Burner on my side but I'm finna to cut you open nigga
Ain't nobody with you in the water when you floating nigga
Starring at the barrel of the roaster know its over nigga
Fucking with some soldiers nigga and I thought I told you nigga
Hammer by my side i just fire when i approach a nigga
Dont cry when lil homie die i'll smoke a nigga
.45 holding shit down i ain't jokin nigga
On the rise hold up the crown cause they know a nigga

And I'm thinking I can do this Man (Hold up)
And I'm finna drop some new shit Man (Hold up)
Don't tell me I can lose this hand (Hold up)
And When they drop my music (Big)

I only fuck with bad bitches bad bitches and you know it
I'm finna show it when i pull up in the lotus (Lotus)
Know I'm loaded my shorty say I'm bogus
She don't even know it I just love to bust her open
Use to come around and check?? for the lowest
I gun em' down they can't get me where I'm going
Spin back around and give niggas another moment
A hunned rounds you pray it stop but it keeps on going

Hold up Roll up with my soldiers (with my soldiers)
Hold up Roll up bitch we talkin (bitch we talkin)
If its beef you know that we blowing
If its beef you know that we gon' smoke em'

Cuz if its beef we gon' bring them guns out
Trigga in the car, army ready to dumb out
I'm up in the front with?? ready to bang out (guns out)
You don't want that 30 30 come out
Nigga think he lit I put his blunt out (burn out)
Hit em with some shit and watch it come out (gun down)
Pull up at his crib and tell him come out
Surround this whole bitch so he won't run out
Next bring his son out before we dumb out
Pull em guns out slugs gon' dump out Jump out
The side of that bitch GS9 in this bitch
Give him 9 every clip think he fuckin with this squad (squad)

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