Age Songtext - Boy Kicks Girl

Age - Boy Kicks Girl

("Evil" Kevin La Bounty ©1997)
Can't drive a car til' age 16.
Can't smoke a cig. til' age 18.
Can't drink until the age of 21.
There's only one way she can have her fun.
I don't see how sex can be a crime,
When a girl consents to procreation.
Though she is young, still her mind is strong.
The Government says it's wrong... Why!?
Boy sees a girl. He likes her style.
Girl sees the boy. She gives a smile.
They spend some time between her sheets.
He finds out later she's not 18.
Why should the boy do time in jail,
When the only crime is Human Nature?
Two people bored. Two people scored.
The Government says "he's" wrong!
He's guilty.
She walks free.
Takes two for,

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