Hello? Songtext - Boy Kicks Girl

Hello? - Boy Kicks Girl

Sent you a letter the other day.
Just wanted to write you and say...
That I don't want to lose touch...
And that I'm not up to much.
You left me sitting stranded there.
You know that wasn't very fair.
All I wanted was want from you...
But now you've gone and left me too.

Took you out, tried to win you over.
Didn't like me when you were sober.
Didn't have or make the time for me...
So now I guess that we'll never see.
I wouldn't mind your stupid interruptions.
I wouldn't mind your stupid distractions.
Can't get my mind off the fact of you...
But what else is there for me to do?

I wish I got to know you...
And do the things you like to do...
But you never returned my call...
So now you don't talk to me at all.
I'm so sorry to interrupt.
Didn't know I screwed up.
Sorry for every little thing I did.
Is it you or me that's still the kid?

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