Stand Tall Songtext - Boy Kicks Girl

Stand Tall - Boy Kicks Girl

("Evil" Kevin La Bounty ©1996)
Going to the Punk Rock Show.
To see a band that we don't know.
"Boy Kicks Girl" or something like that...
Heard' the singer's Ex is really FAT!
We stand around, and we watch them play.
I can relate with what they say, Yeah!
It's nice to know there's someone who's
Been through what I've been through.
I am not alone!
I am not the only one, Yeah!
We are not alone!
We are not the only ones, Yeah!
Now's your time to stand tall!
Don't ever let them keep you down!
It's your time to stand tall!
Grit your teeth and kick them down!
Cause' you're better than her...
You're better than him...
You'll always be better than them...
So stand tall!

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