Wake Me up (feat. Jennel Garcia) Songtext - Boyce Avenue

Wake Me up (feat. Jennel Garcia) - Boyce Avenue

[Intro: Rick Ross]
All I ever wanted was a kilo
Till they my little nigga with the rico
Fat Trel, Maybach Murda Gang
Mastermind, double M

[Verse 1: Fat Trel]

Nigga tell me how you want it with a savage
It get crazy where I'm living it's tragic
If you can take it from my pocket you can have it
You know I got a body bag in the trash
You know I got an old thot you can have

Nigga couldn't fuck my old bitch

Niggas couldn't eat my old pussy

I'm in the kitchen I could tell you how the stove looking

Nigga all I really wanted was the pyrex
A couple hundred body snatchers in the projects

You know my plug stay connected like direct
I'm in Miami my bitches like "where Lebron at?"

I finish fucking her [?] like "where your mom at?"

In front the coppers I got choppers for the combat

Couldn't believe it my niggas say he was sellin' grenades

Keep bullshittin' and ima sit you where the bomb at
D.C. nigga, sittin wrist whip dough

He ain't know a chopper price get this low
See I cop em' in Atlanta bring em' back to Alabama Avenue

And tell them niggas "come and get it let's go"
Fifty in the Mac take em' back to Benning Road

Strippa bitches in my kitchen with the semi's on the floor

All I know I want him dead by tonight

With his head in his lap and his body at the light
Purchase me some Act and I'm a pour me some Sprite

Tell a bitch keep counting till she get the count right

When a bitch finish might purchase her a flight

Might take her whole life

Might fuck her all night

Right, you know I hate to say it twice
But you pussy ass niggas ain't bout that life

Pussy ass niggas ain't bout that life

Pussy ass niggas ain't bout that life

Talking 'bout you popping tags, nigga you ain't bought shit

Talking bout a hunned bottles, nigga you ain't popped shit

All you talk nana clips, nigga you ain't shot shit
Spending money on these hoes, nigga you ain't fuck shit

[Verse 2: Tracy T]

My killas got shooters on shooters (3x)

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang

Knock em down hundred rounds, lotta pounds, kilograms on the ave

How you want it? Quarter thang, half thang, whole slab?
Young Atlanta nigga pull a hammer on ya

Pull up on a nigga in a California
Teach a lame how to flip a couple numbers

Whole summer dope runners getting more commers

Money got me geekin', damn I need more
Alejandro bringin' in them truckloads

Copy that, get racks, nigga ten-four

Choppa bullets just rip a nigga head off

Clip long as a little nigga leg dawg
Empty that and the barrel just smoke

Closed casket, nigga head open

Peel the top back, yeah I

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