Kill the Lights Songtext - Britney Spears

Kill the Lights - Britney Spears

Ladies and Gentlemen, we interrupt our program of Dance Music, to bring you a specialBulletin from the intercontinental radio news. Our very own Pop Princess -now Queen of Pop, has a special announcement she would like to make.."

You're on
I think I'm ready for my close up

[Verse 1]
You don't like me
I don't like you, it don't matter
Only difference
You still listen, I don't have to
In one ear and
Out the other, I don't need you
Your words don't stick
I ain't perfect, but you ain't either
If you are feeling froggy leap
I ain't even losin' sleep
There is more to me than what you see
You wouldn't like me when I'm angry

Mr. Photographer
I think I'm ready for my close-up Tonight
Make sure you catch me from my good side, pick one
These other bitches want to be me
Is that money in your pocket?
Or you happy to see me?

Kill the Lights!
Take them out, turn them off, break them down
Kill the Lights!
Don't be scared, make a move, see me now?
Kill the Lights!
I've seen you, watching me, watching you
Kill the Lights!
You can't handle the truth
What happened to you?

[Post-Chorus] (x2)
I kill
The Lights (Pure)
The Lights (Satis-)
The Lights (-Faction)
I kill
The Lights (Lights)
The Lights (Camera)
The Lights (Action)

[Verse 2]
All the flashing, trying to cash-in
Hurts my eyes
All the poses, out of focus
I despise
Eff me over, your exposure
Not the best
You want me bad, I want you out
Release this stress



[Post-Chorus] (x2)

You're the star now, welcome to the big league
They all want a pic, they all want to see, see, see
What you're made of, what you're going to do
Is life going to get the best of you?


[Post-Chorus] (x2)

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