Xcaliber Songtext - Brotha Lynch Hung

Xcaliber - Brotha Lynch Hung

[Hook: Brotha Lynch Hung]
That motherfucker kept sniffing for goods
Put the plastic in his mouth the back of his neck left
And you don't know nothing but the killa gotta away
Before 4:30 in the morning I'm gone in the 6-Tre
With the windows up, must have had gin in the cup
Cuz I'm swervin in the fast-lane gotta be spinning em up

[Verse 1: Brotha Lynch Hung]
It all started when I twisted the lid of the Olde E
And C-A-R-I-double-O-E imported LTD
Where my motherfuckering siccmade jacket at
Cause that's the only one I could use
When I saw you at the war yeah when I lifted you out your shoes
It was that pressure from the twenty game (that twenty game)
Felt like it cause your chest split wide open with it
Well nigga you shouldn't when I'm round talking that shit
Bout the nigga that's my kin-folks
Should knew the real while you was giving up that info...
...mation, I'll be of that Parry Mason
When I hit em all up, grip em all up, rip em, kill em all up, fill em all up, lick em, real em, deal em, dig a ditch give em hit a lick then take the grip
Put em in the back of the Cadillac
Show em how my Mini-Mac gonna act
My tactics is lethal
Leave the whole town hella smokey
Like the bandits that stepping over dead people
It's like that
And you wouldn't know it cause I'ma cool ass motherfucker
Then dump with a gang of succas
As I wait for the city to heat up like a Hot Pepper
Gotta whole load full of Evian
And a trunk full of FO take no's and I can't let go
Catch you at yo show slipping
Hoes tripping
Rows ripping
In the street after I heat my heat off the hook with this siccmade shit
Straight made nigga
Fuck it, pass me the straight lace liquor
To the face nigga
Off the Thunder Burger and Kool-Aid and O 8
Easy on the liver still make me kill a nigga
Split you head like a pineapple
Die natural!
Five at your dome send em home in a pinebox
Lift you out your socks
Pay attention to the Glock
Half past a niggas ass where aiming at the grass take suitcase full of cash and mash
16 in the clip crumble the herb roll a spliff bout to watch your brain split in half
Bloody bath water and fried nigga nuts and bones
Located at home I think him name is Tyrone
But you know...


[Verse 2]
You can call me black Saddam Hussein
Pump cyanide through my vein ass nigga
You can see me on the south side of the street
Marinated by the opposite nigga that flood the city
Get ready for something pretty if you sick like Frank Nitty
Sucked blood from my mommas titties - instead of milk
Played murder music in my tape deck - instead of Silk
Ende up killen one of them motherfuckers
So fuck them hoes, they like Grim
Having killin niggas like they gots to go
With the 380M - got high til seven
Jump in what you call it headin towards heaven
With my 50 sack of some shit, that'll make you get there
About 11:30 with your T-shirt dirty
I'm worthy strapped like James as ventured in this faulty game
In a mainframe, that I bucked in ruff terrain, then hit the plane
15 guts on a triple beam scale nigga
Actual contact from the strap that I hale nigga


[Verse 3]
They got this motherfucker twisted up
And from the sound of the barrel I got hella motherfuckers running up
What should I do about these fucking fleas?
Give em all A-1 and put they disease in they weed
Figure a way out this nigga I know you got me on file
But I got you on scanner so plan another way (another way)
Told me it was cool and steady
But I catch you slipping like pimping
And shake banking like (?Trail Leonard?)
Hit your mind working these swine
Tripp time get's deeper as you meat the Grim Reaper
In the form of a man double M 24 5 got your brains leaking I'm peaking
That's why these niggas wanna rip keep me
I'm rolling squeaky and what you want call it
With a .45 in my pocket and I'm a young alcoholic
Like P-Folks I had to make it happen
Sacramento's most wanted I gotta keep packing, cause of that
My favorite cousin just got four years
And when his little brother died he showed me no tears
Whats your point?
Your point is you get deep as the ocean
Take a shiesty niggas blood and rub it on like lotion
It was like
Once upon a time a long time ago
I was sticking 9 millis in a pussy hole
Get of the Ol 8 old Murda moe then i gotta go to a spot
When they don't know I'm the lethal nigga given up my info


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