Raising Hell Songtext - Bullet For My Valentine

Raising Hell - Bullet For My Valentine

[Verse 1]
I feel the fire (fire)
Can't touch the flames (flames)
This is reality, an infamous game
I taste the blood (blood)
Can't seem to cave (cave)
The deed is done, but the debt is unpaid

Everyday it seems I'm running from the reaper
Kicking and screaming and going down swinging
Without my soul you're a gun without a trigger
Fate is unfolding, who made you the king of the dead?

This is a war that can never be won
Let me go!
I'll fight forever as the heavens fall
I'm raising hell!

Raising hell!

[Verse 2]
You got a choice, you digress off your master?
No restraints, no remorse
Are you hearing this?
You want to test me?
I know, I'll destroy you!
Save your breath, nothing's left
Here I come at you!

Everyday seems like I'm running with the reaper
Kicking and screaming, the demons are singing
Disarray as the grave is getting deeper
Weakness is showing, I'll make you a slave for the dead (for the dead)
Slave for the dead!


Raising hell!


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