Coast to Coast Songtext - Cappadonna

Coast to Coast - Cappadonna

[Chorus: female singer]
Welcome to the West Coast
Where we ball, ride on fags
Sittin' back, cuz been working right
(Now let me you bounce) bounce (bounce) bounce
(Bounce) bounce (bounce) bounce, bounce, bounce
We've been working right (Calico stand up)

Now ever since a nigga was a seed
Only thing promised to me was the penitentiary, still ballin'
Ridin on these niggas cause they lame
In a six-one Chevy, still heavy in this game, can you feel me?
Blame it on my momma I'm a thug nigga
Up befo' the sun rise, quicker than the drug dealers
Tell me if it's on, nigga then we first to bomb
Bust on these bitch-made niggas hit 'em up, WESTSIDE
Ain't nobody love me as a broke nigga
Finger on the trigger Lord forgive me if I smoke niggas
I love my females strapped, no fuckin from the back
I get my currency in stacks, California's where I'm at - right?
Passed by while these niggas wonder by
I got shot but didn't die, let 'em see who's next to try
Did I cry, hell nah, nigga tear I shed
For all my homies in the pen, many peers dead, niggas still ballin


Ok, cash C-note, blasting me through your door
Flew from the old, cross seas for the blow
Weed's federal, better roll in the tape
Your armored truck stuck, cuz I'm taking the bass
But to be quite frank, taking over this world
I want best of both shines like diamonds and pearls
Never gave a fuck though, and paybacks a bitch
If I see my luck sold, then I'mma bag some kids
You know how it bad it is, half a g, an old scheme
Squeeze, play to rehab, cuz it's part of they plea
Surf the world to find material, harder than me
But I'm bigger than life, son, so what's what's larger than me?
Flaudelently, haters be claiming they guns hit
Knowing they ain't done shit, except go when the gun spit
Now who, retaliates, with the strip for the streets
I got peeps that conviscate with the strength of the heat, holla


Aiyo, I came in the game, like a thief in the night
And ya'll sucka MC's, ya'll be try'nna be bite
My whole style and my format, niggas should fall back
When I attack the mack, stay live and direct, I wreck
Set, keeping ya bitch wet, it's no sweat
Whenever I'm around you, your mind is weak
I speak the truth when I spit, ain't coming to talk shit
Yo, I'm live and direct, coming to stalk shit
What, come on, bitch, yeah, enter my zone
You can't imagine how my four-speed's ever so deadly
I swing swords, I hit you in your fucking head piece
Cuz you fronted on Don, and now you dying in hell
Spit my name, can't beat my tell, nigga, what's felt?
To the lost generation of rap, my niggas locked down
Whoever feel trapped, grab ya gat, quick, shoot ya where I plotted the bitch
Never let 'em hold you back, this is strictly the Don
If you ever front on me, nigga, I'm breaking your arm
Bees in the winter, enemies better be gone
Fuck all of the fly shit, ya'll Hollywood...

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