Here 2 Day Songtext - Cappadonna

Here 2 Day - Cappadonna

These streets is flooded with crime and criminal minds
Niggas dump on ya'll, straight take ya shines
Catch you coming out the crib, straight raid your spine
Stab you on in side, straight take ya nine
Niggas'll kill muthafuckas for a bottle of wine
So where you put the heat at, caught on the blind
Here today niggas, better have a good time
Gone tomorrow, that's how it is in the grind
So beware of the dog, and the thieves at night
Niggas'll cut you up, if the trees ain't right
All of the Gods building, the degrees is tight
Cock back my headphones, then I squeeze them right
Yo, niggas'll kill niggas for the cheese and ice
And ya ribs start touching for the peas and rice
All of my in-the-ghetto niggas want G's and bikes
That's why I need my cake, and more Cash Rule like Land-O-Lake
I ain't try'nna be the one, just linger a zoo
I wanna be out in a cruise, living good as you
Up in the Bronx, or whatever, just me and my crew
And we lounging real hard, uptown's is new
Got the jeans real baggy and the fitted is blue
Traveling across the world, like alakazoo
Alakazaam, ya muthafuckas know who I am
Throw my darts like I told you I can
Yeah baby, big Donna from the group is, Pillage for life
Click, and I lounge where the stoupe is

Yeah, it's basic dog, we all in this game to ball
I leave my mark in your hood, like I'm writing on walls
Come ride my balls and tell yo, bitch to come here
I'm hitting 'em where, from the rear, pulling they hair
Layin' the pipe, my forty-five game is tight
I'm like a weed plant, nigga, I stay in the light
On dark grounds, gun percussion hang over tracks
I lay low on street corners, while I'm handing out packs
Counting the stacks, while the feds, counting the facts
Your glitter attracts, like I ain't that, nigga get clapped
Guess whose back, Ratchet, the rap specalist
A profession is my conscience'll, leave you breathless
I drop lessons with street knowledge, hold my ground solid
Watch me own back, I'm big, black and brolic
Hitting hood with the collard green, weed from the Phillipines
Cutting competition off with the guillotine
What, the cuts in my chain is unbreakable
You're uncapable, I make 'em and take a fall
I take 'em all, leave 'em laying naked soft
Run up in the wedding halls, shoot the cake and all
Make your call, it's all street justice, dog
Even if the innocent, have to be involved
We can take it from the streets, to where you lay in the mall
I'm layin' the law, while your whore playing the four
Nine three eleven, selling those dimes for seven
I don't, aim to please, I aim to squeeze
And I'm aiming for the stars, cock sucker, say cheese, chump

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