Speed Knotz (feat. Percise) Songtext - Cappadonna

Speed Knotz (feat. Percise) - Cappadonna

[Intro: Cappadonna]
Hold me down yall
Smitty, Yo that Smitty right there
Ohh shit they murked Smitty, Yo, Get up
Ohh shit, Yo, Niggas murked Smitty
Staten Africa, Put your hands up

The wrath of God through a deadly mic, I bring life
Touch the blind and bring sight to em
Killa Bees on the swarm I get Devils to fight through em
Staten Africa, It's no turning back, It's a massacre
Fire and Brim Stone, Ja Rule
Thirty-six chambers of bangers unite for the fight
Get your mind right, The armor of God crush your phasod
Allah Ho Akbar, Hit you real hard, Snow flakes the size of ice balls
Graffiti on the walls like hieroglyphics, Time ticks
Nobody know the hour, God Cipher Divine, Fetal through the lines
Knowledge of signs, Chaos of the world, Famine and pestilence
Burn an incense, It's intense, We found the evidence
And finger prints on the army tents, U.F.O.'s in the conference
To guard my circumference, Spear forcefully
Watch out, Spies in your house, Yo you best get out

[Interlude: Cappadonna, (Sample)]
Come on, Uhh, This one is like a fresh salad
(Shaolin shadow boxing, If what you say is true
The Shaolin could be dangerous) To all of my dun-duns

I don't like to bend my knees, I spit metaphors and similes
Against wars, Rims, And Bentley's, And although they do tempt me
Still I practice self and represent what is left
Of the truest E-M-C-E-E
I don't look down my nose, I never mug, Frown, Or pose
I just take control of the dispersed black soul
Then cock back let it go, Didn't re-cop at a store
Just let it bang, Spit the slang, Never let these niggas know
In a freeze I go face, Even when the World got me dazed I show face
And never would I ask for your praise, I'm too humble and soo shy
But never take my kindness for weakness
I'm still rep'n South Side til I die
Cross my heart and swear to live, I gotta do it for the kids
And the greatest of all time and don't know what time it is
I use thirty-six chambers to wake em up
Labody and Cappadonna slap you with nunchucks like pssshhhh

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