Super Model (featuring Ghostface Killah) Songtext - Cappadonna

Super Model (featuring Ghostface Killah) - Cappadonna

[Intro:Cappadonna and Ghostface Killah]

(We back up in this piece, yo)
(Yo, Donna)
(Snatch these birds for a second)
(They rabbits)
(Straight up nothing but rabbits)
(Word up, birds are free)
(Word, slick yo)

Verse 1: Cappadonna

She a super model
33 - 33 throttle
Love the way her body shaped
Shaped like a bottle
Save it till tomorrow
I'm like Zorro
CC leaving marks on your tee-tees
Love you in your Nikes
The sweet sea breeze
Make me fall to my knees
If it's possible
Can I get a set of keys
I swallow your tasty's
BBC's they come in all varieties
Hire me
Hire CC
I'm a liar
But gimme, gimme
My middle leg get you skimmy
Take this shit like a shot of Remy
Bend over let me introduce you to Rover
Until it's over
Now you sober
Put your leg back on my shoulder
I'm a scrub like you
And plus one piece of ass'll just can never do
My new 75 wives's coming through
One female that live near the Bronx zoo
Had to be home no later than 2
And the 2 twins with the hour curfew
The light-skinned females one's you call Boo

[Hook:Ghostface Killah]

She a super model
33 - 33 throttle
Love the way her body shaped
Shaped like a bottle
Save it till tomorrow
I'm like Zorro
Starsky leaving marks on your tee-tees

[Verse 2: Cappadonna]

Chocolate milk you look good in your silk
Put your body on tilt
Take me for 2 G's
Even though we not married
I make love to you
You can call me Larry
Call me anything
Don't trap me with the ring
I'm a one night fling
On the road trying to sing
Yeah you a queen but C-Donna ain't your king
My dress code switch it make you wanna swing
A little episode
I would have done it before but now you look old
Sex on the first night thats how I roll
Fronting on a crust being assed in the cold
Try to play live what?
Lady on a stroll
Rack my Versace but can't pay the toll
All Cappuchino women y'all got to go
The love that I feel for women is untold
Sweet or sour ladies if you got babies
If you wanted to hit a nigga off in the eighties
Jump in the Mercedes girl it's all true


Verse 3:Cappadonna

Knew a girl named Cindy
Her sister named Don
They used to come around with Shallah Raekwon
A couple of years before the Wu was even on
They love the way I dress captivated by my charm
If you see me in the cut I'm just steadily calm
It's a regular females be under my arm
Ever since I got paid to start dropping the bombs
I could take 2 women my nickname is LONG
Crushing is involved I'm doing the James Bond
Grant you a fantasy then I be gone
That's under the hat the way I made you come back
From the shoes to the hat
All of my shit match
I'm like a book of matches
I'm always on strike
I'm double-jointed I can do it how you like
Come to Keisha house
Yeah it's only right
We can get together for a glass of ice
And if the kids here something we can tell em it's a fight
I love my 2 seeds more than my own life
It's hard to escape punani appitite
I see a pretty face I start falling in lust
No matter what baby girl I just can't get enough


Outro:Ghostface Killah(Cappadonna)
(Save it till tomorrow)
(CC leave a mark on your tee-tees)
I love grupies
Leave a mark on your snoopies
Come here rabbits
(Put you in your iceberg snoopies)
Take a bite of this carrott

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