Strength Of A Woman Songtext - Carpenters

Strength Of A Woman - Carpenters

You've been so quiet lately
Sometimes I wonder: has the cat got your tongue?
You seem to be a thousand miles away
Don't look me in the eyes and say it's okay; don't lie

I got this funny feelin', baby
That it's going to be that time again
When you have the need for someone else
I know you better than you know yourself

Sometimes it takes the strength of a woman
To understand the weakness of her man
It's gonna take the strength of this woman
To keep fightin' for the lovin' of her man

And, darlin', when you've been satisfied
And it isn't new to you no more
Think of me; I'll be here alone
Waitin' for you to find your way back home


Oh, I know how hard you tried
To hide this all from me
But if you keep a silent heart
I can't give you what you need
So hold me close, and hold me tight
Let's say goodnight, and never say goodbye


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