Monogamy Songtext - Cherub

Monogamy - Cherub

Baby girl, youre my baby girl
And dont every forget that shit
Big world, its a big big world
The last thing I can do is commit
Diamond rings, and fancy things
The stars don't shine as bright as this
Shallow thoughts and empty hearts
How can you find the right fit?
You just can't, you just can't so

Monogamy, is not for me
I wanna do whatever i please
Dirty deeds, and sinful things
Get down on your hands and knees

Baby baby I want this to work
But maybe its the wrong approach
You've been held down, been missin the boat
Love ain't what you want the most
Random ass with some brew and some gas
Girl lets get emotional
I find it hard to believe that you want
Something more than physical
So listen baby, cause I believe...


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