Tonight Songtext - Cherub

Tonight - Cherub

[Verse 1]
I hope I'm not getting too sentimental
But tonight might be something special
All the drugs were fundamental, in
Getting us on that level (so we say)

Hell yeah motherfucking right
Tonight, is a good night
To start the rest of our lives
So we toast to the stars in the sky
As they
Disappear deep into your eyes

[Verse 2]
You gotta' fake it 'til you make it
I've accepted it and embraced it (that's why)
We're so heavily medicated
But somehow speak in the same language (cause we say)


I love you, and
I want you to know that
I feel so lucky
? working for you, or against you, cause
I hope we don't get lost in translation
Because I'd rather get lost in a moment with you
And have love sensations


(Ladies and gentleman please remain seated as the seat belt sign
Is illuminated, thank you)

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