Ain't Nothin' Songtext - Chief Keef

Ain't Nothin' - Chief Keef

[Hook: Chief Keef]
Spend it all, that's what I got a bankroll for
Ben Franklin bankrolls, they can't fold up
My nigga, hold up
If you ain't spendin' what you got a bankroll for?
Hold your bankroll up
Stunt the hardest, what you got a bankroll for?
And you can't go wrong
Stunt the hardest, what you got a for bankroll for?

[Verse 1: Tadoe]
These bitches can't kick it if they ain't gon' fuck
Keep the fuck away from us
Fuck niggas'd better get they bankrolls up
Put your car cash up
Bitches see me in the mall and they so star-struck
You can keep the digits if you ain't gon' fuck
First thing's first, man, you gotta suck me off
Two can come and kick it with me, we get high like what?
Blunt so big, yeah my blunt stay stuffed
Like my Ben Franklin bars
Cashin' out, flexin' ten bands ain't nothin'

[Hook: Chief Keef]

[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
I'm smokin' on this dope
I swear this shit's so loud it follow me everywhere I go...
And I keep big bank rolls
Try to rob me, nigga, I swear I'mma take your soul
(Bang! Bang!) I'm turned up to the max
And we got the hollows, bitch, get burnt up in your back
And all I sip is act...
I just bought four pints and I'm gon' pour that shit up next (Sosa)
Lean lean... and all I smoke is earth
I just bought two pounds and I'm gon' smoke it 'til it's dirt (Sosa)
And I can't smoke no dirt - I be smoking thoinks...
Thoinks, thoinks... bitch, I'm that nigga
Bitch is you gon fuck me? , cause if not I'll fuck your sister
Sista, sista... cause I got figures
I be ballin' hard cause I'm a young black rich nigga

[Hook: Chief Keef]

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