Cops Songtext - Chief Keef

Cops - Chief Keef

My watch is so flirty, take your bitch, I bet he can
My gun is so dirty, yours Hi-Point, I bet he jam
This ain't peanut butter, I can't be up in these jams
Pussy niggas tell it, y'all can't be up in these slams
Cops done met us on your block, we in that jam, out that jam
Pussy niggas stop that flexin', you know you ain't 'bout that there
Say you're a shooter, nigga stop right there
Red beam your head, put the dot right there
With the 50 niggas with Glocks right there
Vroom vroom nigga then the cops right there

[Verse 1]
Pull up on your strip with the hollow tip, startin' shit
Take a whiff of this here, my gun fun and shit, pardon it
Bulldog with the 4 5th, and I target it, I did it
30 shots on my hip, and I bargained it, I did it
30 karats on my wrist, they just shine and shit, pardon it
Fuck niggas act like fish, pulled up and sardined it, I did it
Ridin' down your block, just came from silence
Bitch we lightin' shit
Bitch I run this shit, this ain't a rally, bitch we climbin' shit
Jumped out the porch when I was 9 and shit
On the block totin' a 9 and shit
Runnin' up, committin' crimes and shit
Them bein' on that grimy shit
Now my jewelry bling as shit
Now I'm the biggest thing and shit
Smokin' on dope, the blue dream and shit
This shit got me dreamin' and shit


[Verse 2]
You got a Hi-Point, aye, nigga what?
You think with that Hi-Point, aye, you finna bust?
You think you're a hard boy, aye, nigga what?
Creepin' down the pavement, aye, finna buck, up
With them slugs
Shoot you in your face and your nuts
Nigga, aye, what's up
With all these fuck niggas, talkin' a bunch of nothin'?
Scooby Doo shucks, when we pullin' up
Shootin' up trucks, shootin' up your cars
Nigga run up, done up, hah, yeah, wish you luck
Click clack these guns, make 'em hot, these hoes fizzin' up
Sizzlin' up


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