Vet Lungs Songtext - Chief Keef

Vet Lungs - Chief Keef

[Hook: Chief Keef]
Glocks tucked man I up
I ah Damage ya
Wassup with all these fuck niggas?
I'm sorry for the weight I couldn't help
I was always smoking on the skunk
Bad bitch in my truck she tryna fuck
My necklace it be shining to my junk
I be smokin' dope baby I got vet lungs

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
Blood gang, Blood dripping over here
You want problems, you can get it over here
You don't listen, better listen over here
If you don't, I bring them pistols over there
I come through and put the pistol to your ear
I come through, I put the pistol to your rib
I was getting money I was taking it as gifts
I'm still getting money I'm still getting it how I live
My wrist real, real chill, I chill
I ain't never cold bitch I feel how I feel
I got 10 fans on and I live how I live
I'ma plan to keep growin' and I peel how I peel


[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
Sorry for the W-E-I-G-H-T
Bitch I know it's W-A-I-T, ight b?
Aye I come through Mr.T
White Tee and bright things
Ain't got no cuban links, I got on a breitling
We know drama TNT, Hercules, Disney
We got cannons, Nicki, Nickelodeon, Jimmy
I got that cartoon network, and that net work WG
If you looking for me, I'm with money in a meeting
Me and you we got money disagreements
Can't come to no conclusions
Cause your money ain't worth me yet
If I upload a status I don't need no feedback
I don't give a mothafuck who fuckin' we at


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