Dice Game (Skit) Songtext - Chingy

Dice Game (Skit) - Chingy

uh oh, shoot nigga, shoot!
That's a four, that's a four, that's a four
(You know that's where i'm from, represent!)
Here ya go, here ya go!
You're gonna four with a three
Nigga, put 600 down
Nigaa, show it! Biatch
It's all good, it's all good, rock on
Drop it! I got a muthafuckin yard
Shoot! Don't talk about it, be about it
Tell em Chingy
Aw shit nigga quit ridin' my nuts
Fuck! Here we go, we're gonna do it right herre
We're gonna do it! Here's a seven
Slide it out nigga, clide it out nigga
Three hoes and a pimp, biatch!
There ya go, seven, Damn!
Okay Okay that ain't shit, that ain't shit
Nigga cuck that, I gotta thousand right now
I gotta thousand nigga
Whatever nigga
I gotta roll over your muthafuckin ass, baby!
Three hoes and a pimp bitch!
I'm gonna hit this four for the block
Come on muthafucker, loser, Chingy gettin bitch
Loser, seven OHHHHHHHHH!

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