Banjo Songtext - Chris Brown

Banjo - Chris Brown

[Hook: Chris Brown]
Man, don't play with the pussy like a banjo

Man, don't play with the pussy like a banjo

Man, don't play with the pussy like a banjo

And all the hoes in the party hit the dance floor

[Verse 1: Chris Brown]
Pull up, nigga creeping

Colder than a motherfucker

Guess it's ho season (bitch)
Shorty got that ass, baby girl it's nice to meet you

With these lights off, give a fuck about your features

I'm tryna fuck
If it's one on one gimme that ISO

But if it's two of ya'll I'ma let the dice roll
It's the weekend, I could tell you been freaking

Cause you popping Miley Cyrus and you twerking with your eyes closed

Go figure, skinny nigga with a suit on

Bunch of bad bitches

Yeah, they like me nigga, who don't?

Drop top, everything

We party like the roof gone
A nigga got a problem, blaka-blaka, then we move on (blap)

Tell 'em hold that

If you looking for liquor, better lick up
My liquor zing and you know that

Bitches looking for a sponsorship, cha-ching, cause I sponsor shit

Bitch I throw racks

Fucked up, got me dancing on the floor

Tryna dance in that pussy, tell me when to go

I'm tore up, feeling like I'm 'bout to throw up
One night with me this bitch about to blow up

[Hook: Chris Brown x2]

[Verse 2: Tyga]

Ain't shit but model bitches over here

I'm a nigga with money bitch

Let's make that clear

You here with a Elf ear

Hoes in stock over here

And the price going up by the year
It's a good year, baby

On my blimp shit

You too defensive and sensitive

That's on some mental shit

No sense in lingering
Can't count on you niggas man, only count Benjamins

He my closest friend
My wrist's a risk

Ice the bitch

Like it's sprained and shit

I'm the nigga, nigga

Yes he is, the flyest with three yes' is

I take that pussy and ransom it (now give it some date)

When I hit the block, better have your banger


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