Is This Love Songtext - Chris Brown

Is This Love - Chris Brown

[Verse 1]
17 tight jeans and she bout it
White beater T, pretty teeth, yeah she got ‘em
Her body commands your attention (she keeps it so gutta man)
Can I take u out, I'll pay for it
Girl I got enough, so enjoy it
I'm hoping that your momma don't mind
Cause girl I gotta make you mine (yeah)
(Ohhh) Girl give me a chance I'm a take it
(Ohhh) Yeah I know I'm young but I'll take it
I just gotta know (yeah)

Is this love
Because I gotta know, is this real
Girl I gotta know, is it you taking over my heart
If its love, then all my girls and them I gotta give them up
My playing days is over I gotta hang it up
I gotta know, I gotta know, yeah, is this love

[Verse 2]
If she gotta man I don't care because I need her
I gotta girl but if she want I'm a leave her
She can be the girl that I'm putting on (she keep it so gutta man)
I'm a b the nigga that'll change her
Make that other dude like a stranger
I just gotta know (tell me)


I ain't been doing much sleeping
Just daydreaming
Cause she's all up in my head
And I can't take it
I ain't never, ever felt like this
I gotta know, I gotta know
Is this how love really is

[Chorus 2x]

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