Thank You Songtext - Chris Brown

Thank You - Chris Brown

Man y'all don't know what y'all do for me you see with out y'all non of this would matter I mean non of it so I say thank you listen

Out the gate I got it started alright
Daddy told told me you ain't gotta beat around the bush (fa sho)
Deep inside I feel you lord (#1) I come the
Far by faith bless me with the voice and gave me that extra push (push)
And dear momma (i love you ma) for the times I acted foolish popped me with the rulers
I didn't understand (nooo) but I do now (now) it was out of love for your Christopher

I just wanna thank you your more than just a friend with me to the end
Its not official with out (thank you) I thank you lord I praise you lord
I'm nothing with out you I just wanna (thank you lord)
Thank you from my heart right to my soul and to my show you
Make a difference that's why (thank you)
I owe it all to you (ooo why) I just wanna

I just wanna say thanks with all do respect (fa sho)
There some people I cant forget (as I grow)
I ma definitely do my best to reach out (to the kids)
Hommies on the block (citizens) hustlers on lock (what it is)
The music bizz wont stop or change me (east coast) east coat I wanna thank you west
Coast (uh huh) I wanna thank you (I owe it all to you)
I owe it all to you dirty south I wanna thank you (ooo)
Midwest (so yo cuz I just wanna thank all y'all)
(yay yay)


When the song is over (it ain't over) it ain't the end (noo)
I'm coming back to you (noooooo) to do it again
I'm loyal to the game so were gonna win (this is it)

Yea I would like to thank y'all tonight
(thank you) for coming out (thank you) (I love you ladies)
For chillin wit me (fa sho) all my fans (all my heart) I love y'all
All them haters I love y'all too cause y'all making me do it more (uh huh)
My family especially my mom (I love you ma) I love
Y'all but last but not least god


(O You and you and you and you and you and you and you)
Have been there for me when nobody would (good looking out)
I give you the praise (thank you) (yea) you mean so much to me
I just wanna thank you (I just don't know what to do)
To my heart right to my soul cd to my show (good looking out)
Baby that's why (I love you) thank you oooo I just wanna say thanks

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