Winner Songtext - Chris Brown

Winner - Chris Brown

Yo, it is an honor to introduce the future of R&B. His name is Chris Brown and uh, you know what this is. Yup, another B Coxx Joint

Round one, I hear a ding
I walk up and shake your hand
Girl, I got to know what's up
Baby, what's your name
Can I get your number
Cause I want to talk about some things, yeah

Round two, it ain't a thing
I was moving everywhere you move
Bobbing and weaving
Like a young boy was supposed to do
It seems like only yesterday that we did it
Now you on me like a fitted
And I just got to say, yeah

Baby, you're a winner
Didn't even take you
Twelve rounds to do it
You got the title now
I'ma tell the whole world
To give it up for my girl [2x]

Round three, I can see
Me and you walking down the aisle
And I know we're young so it'll be a while
Before we doing that
But my mama got me in trainin'
Gettin' ready for the day
When I make somebody happy
Said I was done with lovin'
'Til I found someone like you
Somebody tell me, what was I supposed to do
You put my back against the ropes
No choice but to unfold
I gotta give it to you baby


Oh girl, baby I just can't believe
That every time you come around
I start losin' my breath
I'm trippin' ova myself
Cause you hittin' me, hittin' me
Oh girl, baby it's so plain to see
That you got the best of me
So I'm throwin' in the towel
Baby, I bow out

[Chorus:Repeat x3]

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