Make It Last Forever Songtext - Ciara

Make It Last Forever - Ciara

Yeah, it's your boy, Darkchild, and I got my home girl,
CiCi, in the place to be, you ready? let's go!

I feel it in my soul
I just want you home
I wish I was with ya
Boy, I really miss ya
I spray your cologne
Cause it turns me on
I wish I was with ya
Boy, I really wanna see you

Wherever you are, alright,alright
I just wanna be with you (we can do whatever)
Baby, I'm yours, alright, alright
Tonight it's about me and you (make it last forever)

I know what you want
So turn off your phone
You want some attention
Well, that's my intention
You see what you get
Scream out who you with
And don't you forget
Boy, come over here and get it
Say "yeah"

When you put your arms around me (oh yeah)
I can feel it all around me
And I'm so glad to see ya (oh yeah)
I'll do anything to be with ya


Tonight it's about me and you (make it last forever)

There's no escaping and
We got a chemistry
Baby, you know what I like (I know you)
You making me say
It's alright


Let's go, CiCi, oh

I came to rock right now
I'm CiCi and I came to get down
I am international known and
I'm known to rock a microphone
Because my hips is crazy
I mean outrageous
The boys just love me
Cause I'm contagious like
The way I rock that show
Shots the place down and now you know so
Let's go


[Repeat: x2]
(You can't deny the feeling,
Put your hands up to the ceiling,
I want everybody with me, c'mon)

I love, I love you
I need you, I need you
I want you, I want you
So baby, call me [Repeat: x2]

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