One, Two Step Songtext - Ciara

One, Two Step - Ciara

[Fingazz] Remix
[Jazze Pha] Ladies and gentlemen (Ladies, and, gentlemen)
Is a
[Fingazz] {*scratching*}
"Fingazz on the track"
[Jazze Pha] Product-shizzle
[Fingazz] Remix
[Diamonique] Diamonique
[Jazze Pha] The princess is here
[Diamonique] Ciara remix
[All] This, beat, is

[Verse 1: Ciara]
Automatic, supersonic
Hypnotic, funky fresh
Work my body, so melodic
This beat rolls right through my chest
Everybody, ma and papi
Came to party, grab somebody
Work your body, work your body
Let me see you one-two step

Chorus: Ciara & Fingazz
Rock it, don't stop it
Everybody get on the floor
Crank the party up
We about to get it on
Let me see you one-two step
I love it when you one-two step
Everybody one-two step
We about to get it on

[Jazze Pha & Missy Elliott]
This, beat, is

[Rap Verse 1: Diamonique]
Supersonic beat
When I hear music, gotta drop it
One-two, step, step
I'm the west's best, kept
Peep it
That's why y'all hear me on the remix
Keep movin' to the sound, shake that [{*ass*}]
To the ground
Diamonique spit so

(Verse 2)
[Ciara] Outrageous
So contagious
Make you crave it
[Diamonique] Fingazz made it
[Ciara] So retarded, top, charted
Ever since the day I started
Strut my stuff, and yes, I flaunt it
Goodies make the boys jump on it
No, I can't control myself
Now let me do my one-two step

Repeat Chorus

[Missy Elliott] We gon' drop it like this
[Fingazz] Remix

[Rap Verse 2: Diamonique]
B-Boy two-steppin', that's Jazzy
He know, 'bout this west coast in motion
Both from the I.E., so it's cool
Now, he out in Atlanta, coastin'
Ciara, dumpin' dirties
Diamonique, she rockin' hoodies
Where we can both turn the party out
From the west coast down to the dirty south
Now everybody get up on the floor
We gon' give you what ya askin' for
We ain't think about time to go
We just barely got through the door
Party people rock

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Diamonique & Fingazz]
Street Light

[Fingazz (Diamonique)]
Mixmaster KD
You called it, baby, ha ha (And I'm still Homeless)
Without the music, it makes you dance
Rockin' the two-step
Give me a chance
West coast
West coast

[Diamonique & Fingazz]
Step, step
Step, step
Yep, yep
Step, step


Outro: Fingazz (Jazze Pha in background)
Droppin' and poppin', head knockin'
Hit non-stoppin', Fingazz did it
Droppin' and poppin', head knockin'
Hit non-stoppin', Fingazz did it (Oooh, wee)

Repeat Outro

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