Higher (feat. B.o.B) Songtext - Classified

Higher (feat. B.o.B) - Classified

Ladies and Gentlemen
Boys and Girls
You need to turn it up
We take it up a little higher

[Hook: Otis Redding]
Your love, keeps lifting me higher
Than I've ever been lifted before

[Verse 1]
Know when I'm feeling down and out I'm feeling out of commission
I call you up in a minute you come on over I hit it
I was the one that said he's never going to do it but did it
Yeah your love is addictive without the hugging and kissing
You got me breaking the bank, got me spending my dough
I love the way that you taste and leave your scent on my clothes
You take my breath away choked up, literally
My body felt the pain, those couple days when we broke up you killing me
Yeah my parents tried to pre warn me
But now we higher than E-40 and King Gordy
When I'm in the studio recording it seems boring
Until you come around each morning and reward me
You loosened my nerves when I was feeling uptight
You had me falling in love but kept me up every night
We've been together for years I can't believe that it lasted
I'll love you 'till you're gone and you're nothing but ashes
You're smoking girl


[Verse 2: B.o.B]
Well, my mind is in lift when the climate is this
You give me the type of high the type of high I will miss
When you light up I can't explain how much excitement I get
Travel to California, I catch a flight for your scent
You got the same initials as all of the greats
As all of the greats, you the high point of the day
Me and you been rolling since junior varsity days
Thats why I keep you with me at every party I play
I'm talking 'bout you girl
I'm talking 'bout her, that's my baby
You keep me elevated when life get crazy
You know what I'm into, you know what I'm into
Don't want to be with nobody if I can't be with you
That's my only chick, that's my only chick
If she's a good girl, won't let the homies hit
And if there came a day where I could not hold on to it
Then it would end my whole world like a polar shift
I'm talking 'bout your love


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