Look Up (Signs) [feat. Kardinal Offishall & Madchild] Songtext - Classified

Look Up (Signs) [feat. Kardinal Offishall & Madchild] - Classified

[Verse 1: Kardinal Offishall]
I’m a real astrologist, study them curves like a Playboy biologist
Never giving money up, micro economist
Blame it on my sign, I’m a Taurus till the chorus them Scorpios never bore us
I live on the dangerous side, Libras weighing good and evil
Geminis couldn’t decide, My Leos you can hold on to my lion's mane
Now watch me skinny dip with the Aquarius again
Aww here we go talking that bull damn right, me and 11 of em Cancers I pulled over
And the Arieses and the Virgos, I'm virtually compatible with any sign Let me show
Libras how to really lay it down I straight represent
Captain of the Capricorns gain heaven sent
Sergeant of the Sagittarius and Pisces
Lookin’ to the stars, knowing that I’m blessed nicely

Look up and tell me what you see
I will decide my destiny
From the stars to the planets to the moons
Read the signs of astrology and let the sky speak to you
Howling at the moon, born with a lot to say
Lookin’ up at the stars
Let the good times lead the way

[Verse 2: Classified]
Half man half animal I’m ready for departure
We connect the dots, try to figure how the stars work
I’mma Sagittarius the hard headed archer
Coming with bow and arrows to puncture your bone marrow
I’m so unusual, I’m feeling optimistic
I ain’t scared to take a risk kid, I’m scared I’ll miss it
Can’t sit in one place, I’m restless and reckless
Everything I’m blessed with, I stay overprotective
They say I’m superficial but I’m just misunderstood
Loyal to my brotherhood and do it like no other could
Look up to the stars I’m finally exploding
I’m not a supernova, I’m a super Nova Scotian
You’re never gonna grow up
According to my zodiac there ain’t a situation that I won’t adapt
Hold me back, I’m goin' in I’m just too clever and too blunt
Coming alive between November 22 and December 21, we here


[Verse 3: Madchild]
I’mma lead with Scorpio, sellin’ out the Orpheum
Stop taking them opiates, hold them pills like Morpheus
Everything I say and do is probably not appropriate
Used to get in trouble cause I had the wrong associates
I’m a little monster you could read my horoscope
Life is kinda hard to figure out like it was Morse code
Libra but I’m balanced, I’m a small demented phantom
Also, half of Scorpio I’ve got this temper tantrum
I remember back when I was handsome
Young and famous rich, but now I’m bucking Charlie Manson
I would keep advancing yes I’ll make it probably in time
Because I got this crazy drive from my astrology signs
I’m a little goblin policy is no apologies
People watch me fall asleep but now I kill it lawlessly
It’s absolute my vanity, maximum insanity
I’m masculine and actually back to breathing anarchy


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