Zigzagging Toward the Light Songtext - Conor Oberst

Zigzagging Toward the Light - Conor Oberst

I'm blessed with a heart that doesn't stop
My minds a weathervane it spins around just like a top
Knows what the winds of fortune bring
In the season of the witch
Home is a perjury, a parlor trick, an urban myth

Oh how the circumstances change
This world is smoke and steam
Compromise and metermaids
I'm going to leave here before to long
Zigzagging toward the light
I'm off to sing my boundless song

True love it hides like city stars
Nothing to gaze upon or contemplate
How near or far
If it comes, it comes quite unannounced
A momentary glance
Lit up by sun or moon
Or bonfire or ambulance

Oh how the circumstances change
Feels unmistakable with no idea from where it came
But you will know it when it's gone
Zigzagging through the night
I've heard you sing your boundless song

How did you sing the boundless song?
How did you sing? How did you sing?
Sing for the founders his word is never kept
A bindle of flowers to state his mind
And bloom when he forgets

It's true that shadows tell the time
On sunny afternoons, on crowded sidewalks, passersby
I'm in a queue that stretches out
Far as the eye can see
It forms a figure eight and goes on for eternity

Oh how the circumstances change
I fly by interstate across a purple mountain range
I find a place to come undone
Zigzagging toward you now
I sing out loud our boundless song

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