Devil's Pie - Radio Edit Songtext - D'Angelo

Devil's Pie - Radio Edit - D'Angelo

[Hook: D'Angelo]
Fuck the slice we want the pie
Why ask why till we fry
Watch us all stand in line
For a slice of the devil's pie
Drugs and thugs women wine
Three or four at a time
Watch them all stand in line
For a slice of the devil's pie

[Verse 1: D'Angelo]
Who am I to justify
All the evil in our eye
When I myself feel the high
From all that I despise

Behind the jail or in the grave
I have to lay in this bed I made
If I die before I wake
I Hope the lord don't hesitate
To get to heaven done been through hell
Tell my peeps all is well
All them fools whose soul's for sale
Sitting next to the Jezebel

Demons screaming in my ear
All my anger all my fear
If I holler let them hear
In this spinning sphere


[Verse 2: D'Angelo]
Main ingredients to this dish
Goes like this
Here's the list
Materialistic, greed and lust, jealousy, envious
Bread and dough, cheddar cheese, flash and stash cash and cream
Temperatures at a high degree
Wheres niggas come to feast
Hell's this all about
Apocalypse ain't no doubt

Everybody's ho'ing out all the loot all the clout
Right or wrong
Do or die
Only the vengeance will pacify
Watch your back
And so will I
In these days and time


[Outro: D'Angelo]
Ain't no justice
It's Just us
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Time has come for most of us
To choose in which God we trust
I know I was born to die
Searching to find a peace of mind
With eighty five dumb and blind
There can be no compromise

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