Nosebleeds Songtext - Danny Brown

Nosebleeds - Danny Brown

Business cards from her attorney
Got probation cause the parents paid the money
Six months rehab, but she's back at it
Reflection stare at it, but she can't look at it!
She wiped out the debit card, owing on the credit
For student loans, they call her phone, but she don't sweat it!
Cocaine on counter tops, separate in lines
Every time she do it, she says this her last time
Chasing that high from the very first time
Back in her dorm room in 2009
Never thought this relationship would come this far
Rolled singles in her nose, I'm blade sniffing hard!
In night club stalls her and her friends sniff it all
Never sleep in random dude's apartments, missed calls
Unreplied texts from her boyfriend
Feeling like any second the world can end
And when it freeze her, it make her pussy wet
Face rushing, going numb, nipple hard on them breasts
Sniffing 'til it drip, back of the class, blood running down her lips!

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