X-ed Songtext - David Banner

X-ed - David Banner


I shoulda been x’d, now im going 4 self
I aint worried bout nobody else….
I shoulda been x’d from tha system
X’d from tha hood, and u wonda y im up 2 no good

I’m back from tha hood, fuck it man I’m packin deez goodz
Got sumthin that’ll split n yo wood
Got sumthin that’ll blow up yo block, knock off yo knock
U thankin dat in playin when I’m saying dat docz bulletz in hot
Deez misslez iz large, look man, I’ll sleep in yo yard
I’m an x-con.. i’m a beg bond..
I’m tha presidents pawn, in the chess game
And if u look a lil close man it’s all the same
Man, itz u 2…. Jus us few
And if u wanna live longer then u doo what deez pigs say do
When itz ova then im shooting dem 2 mothafucca

Verse 2.

Lord I’m loozin my mind. Loozin my soul
And I’m thankin thatz y deez bulletz so cold
Uhh but I’ll buss on a bitch
Lord, I’m going 2 tha devil 4 a fix
Fuck dat, look here imma stay strong… til u com home til u come bacc
Mississippi til I die, in a Cadillac
Dr. I need weed 4 my cadarac
He-man, hot damn wherez battle cat? I don’t battle rap
I don’t sell crack. I don’t gang bang
But I will drop dis mic and let my nutz hang
Mississippi til I die, hol’up mane

we want fight in yo hot damn war
we don’t wanna live here no more

Verse 3. (Kamikaze)

I’m tha anthrax spittin, Mr. Tampax snif’n
Pull a graveyard symptom, up 2 sam’z crack kitchen
Send jr. off 2 war, but he came bacc bitchin
Wit hiz trigga finger itchin cause his daddy neva listen’d
I’m on dis recon mission cause I’m x’d up outt tha system
And I’m hyper cause dem sniperz
Yes I’m black wit a lac, but my nimz dent glissen and tha
Fedz dat come 2 cee me, Sondra lee is still mission.

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