Brick Walls Songtext - David Gray

Brick Walls - David Gray

I just don't care
Don't care at all
I banged my head too long
On these brick walls

Every seed I sow
Shudders and falls
Perishes between
These brick walls

And I feel like the last hair
On a head gone bald
Not much point being there
No point at all

How many more years
Years 'til they fall
All the blind eyes and deaf ears
Hey, and these brick walls

[Chorus: ]
These brick walls
These brick walls
These brick walls

And I'm long past worrying
And I'm way past being appalled
I know history is hurrying, oh
And time can't be stalled

So don't try to run, no
Before you can crawl
Just wait
And the time will come
Yeah, for these brick walls

[Chorus: ]
Brick walls, brick walls, yeah

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