Punk Weight Songtext - Death Grips

Punk Weight - Death Grips

hot shit, cold shit
ok muthafucka lets do this
came ta make it band sawed off razor edge maintained looseness
comin through, again and again conduit
why dem hands wave to 
high to it
wild fire through your city
wild fire through your whip me
into lightning two 
k'nt hit three
strikes dug out dated 
fools no dig me
end beat limbo, baba spitting
blood in slow mo, la la chimney

warholian nightmare
storm the gates
25 8, twelve gauge pun2k weight

(25 8 pun2k weight out yo flesh)

stick and move, leave no proof
discard directly after use
forensics on that wild goose
follow my footprints into loops

cuz im too high, too high
feel like im never ever 
gonna come down
scale richtor pun2k weight 
of dis sound

down break dead space 
and make it drop
ta da street beneath 
your ghetto box
slap da beat till the 
floor boards crack
neath da weight of dis lic, step back

off in the rhythm like 
beta in the bong
got ta givem makem 
sway like palms
in da wind my lip blow 
mic spray kyrlon
25 8 til da break of dawn

(war war)

guerilla bass, straight from the trenches, posers impaled on picket fences... how ta rest your head in roach infested basements and smoke pun2k weight for breakfast... 
chop shop lifted bump til da tape deck break, ask samo how he flipped that material girls pancakes.. as zydeco copper kettles

liquor sto, sellin singles
mug shots out, to my people
rollin i double l spread eagle
hear flow dan spit EVIL

(25 8 pun2k weight out yo flesh)

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