Sleeping Songtext - Deep Sleep

Sleeping - Deep Sleep

There we go, there we go
I think we're live again
Check it
[Verse 1: Blu]All alone, unplug my phoneBack in the zone, been home but been gonePrioritizing life in case I do not live longAnd finally found some time to sit down and pen this songMight as well try to tell you how I feel when I feel
And not just when it's time to pay some bills, life is realYou can miss it everyday, trying to get a little payFill the page with some changeTry to feel a little change on my mindI be thinking about the rain but
Sunshine shines everyday but heyWhat can I say?
This is sunny California where the phoneys run up on you
Cause they want you to be just like themI'm on the corner 'bout to get a swisher from the liquor storeTwist the dro, sit at home, pen a songCall a chick, get some domePlay my shit, when I rollCause nobody knows my mental like meOpen my window let you people get a peep, peepMy life is simple, yo they think the shit is deep. Sheep
Be sleeping on me cause I finally got some sheets. Please
That's for wifey not just hoes that want to ride me
Cause they like me when I'm riding the beat"To each his own", niggas say. They gripping chromes
Splitting domes in they song, when
I just feel I'm pennin' a poem
[Chorus]I can't believe they think it's (Vanity)
Even my peeps say it's (Vanity)
(They call it Vanity)Just because I'd rather eat in peace
My life's been a bitch like this chick named(Vanity)(They call it Vanity)
Sitting alone on my own dick is (Vanity)
And when I'm gone, "home sick" is just (Vanity)
[Verse 2: Blu]
YeahAll alone
Back in the zone. No, wifey at homeBeen home but ain't boned though
Threw a few dollars to herTold her get her comb out my hairTurn a square to a spliff and lift my dome in the air
Above clouds where the rain falls all inside my home
Like, pain colored paint ballsCall it what you want
Niggas laugh cause my faith strongAll I know is no one knows the places that I've gone
Or faces that I've seen cry, seen laugh, seen dieSeen eyes with my life in all of them
Seen signs of falling but I caught hopeWill in my wings, halo, I'll haul hope
To faith like a new black popeFuck a debate
I am dope when I want to be
And flow when I'm on the beatI stroke when I want to; need to skeetFuck the streets
They will fuck you if you don't
"Keep your enemies and homies on the ropes
When they supposed to be close"
Poppa told me. And the few that know showed me the ropesHanging on dreams to be happy, whether lavish or lean
I've seen enough to make a boy die nappy
Now a man on a search for the God that I am
But actually I'd rather be meIs that (Vanity)?
My poppa told me it was (Vanity)
My old lady said it's (Vanity)
[Outro]Because I'd rather be all by myself
Instead of laughing with the crowd
If I don't care to be part of their gaiety
They'll often say to me, "Don't be so proud."
But how are they to know?
I'm looking high and low
For love that used to be my own...

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